born of osiris - tomorrow we die alive

If there’s one word to describe the online metal community’s reaction to the new Born of Osiris album Tomorrow We Die Alive and the material we’ve been able to hear so far, it’s “uncertainty.” There are constant jokes going around Heavy Blog staff in reference to the silly use of 2deep4u tri∆ngles and the band’s apparent heavy use of open note chugging. It’s easy to make fun of the band, even though most of us are fans of some of their work. The new material seems pretty simple in the grand scheme of things, but I’m of the opinion that the music’s kinda catchy, and I’m sure in a live setting the grooves will be immense, however undifferentiated they may be.

The group’s label Sumerian Records released a lyric video for the new track ‘Divergency,’ which you can view below.


Look out for the dubstep wubwub at the end. ∆re you feeling it now, Mr. Kr∆bs?

Tomorrow we Die Alive is due out August 20th through Sumerian Records.

– JR


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