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Typically, once the PR hype machine is in full swing, you’ll catch songs from a new album popping up across a few sites. Metalsucks, Pitchfork, NPR, Revolver, Decibel, and others are your typical go-to sites for exclusives, as they’re tried and true avenues where new and old fans fans alike regularly flock to consume new music. Very rarely will a metal group sway outside of sites with a metal-centric theme. But then again, most bands aren’t Dream Theater. The godfathers of modern prog have decided to debut their new song ‘The Enemy Inside’ on USA Today, which is a headscratcher, but there you go.

Obviously the Dream Theater camp thought that getting a debut on USA Today’s website was huge success, as it’s this big mainstream well-known thing. Are the group hoping to get new fans through the site? Surely people who would be into near 7-minute length prog metal songs would have already had the opportunity to be into the group in the past. I’d wager that most of the few people who do regularly visit USA Today’s music section online won’t bother clicking on the news piece because it’s not a band they’ve heard of prior.

Really, I’d imagine USA Today would benefit more from having all the extra page views from DT fans than anything else. I’m not really a fan of the group, but I clicked over because of curiosity. I did like the new track, especially the oddly-timed intro and solo section. If I like it, then surely Dream Theater fans will be stoked.

‘The Enemy Inside’ will appear on the group’s upcoming self titled album, which is due out September 24th via Roadrunner Records.

– JR

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