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Scar the Martyr, the supergroup led by Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison and featuring ex-Strapping Young Lad guitarist Jed Simon, ex-Darkest Hour/ current Threat Signal guitarist Kris Norris and  within it’s ranks was kind of a surprise when they were announced. Since the passing of Slipknot bassist Paul Gray, nobody knew if Jordison had been actively writing music, and when teaser images and videos surfaced online of Jordison jamming in the studio with Simon and Norris, I know that I, for one, was quite surprised, yet, as a fan of each of the members’ previous bands, became very excited at the prospect of what this project could be capable of.

The shroud of mystery surrounding the band has slowly been unveiled, and now Scar the Martyr has debuted ‘Blood Host’, the first single off of their forthcoming self-titled debut album. You can stream the full track right now over at Revolver.

It’s actually not half-bad. The production lacks some punch, particularly with the guitars, and compared to Joey’s past drum tones, the drums sound rather flat, but the song as a whole stands well on it’s own. Remnants of each of the band’s past projects are certainly present, but it still manages to be somewhat different than what we’ve from any of them individually. There’s a strong industrial undercurrent running through it, not unlike something you’d find off of Strapping Young Lad’s City, but the vocals call to mind more recent Slipknot. At the very least, it’s made me anxious to hear the rest of the album, so they must be doing something right.

Scar the Martyr’s self-titled debut album is due out on October 1 via Roadrunner Records.

– JR


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