It’s a busy time for the guys in the Fallujah.  Just back from a successful European tour with Suffocation, the Bay Area’s death metal innovators are taking the summer off from touring to focus on their second full-length album, a follow-up to 2011’s The Harvest Wombs and a critically acclaimed EP Nomadic that came out earlier this year.

In the midst of all of that activity comes word from Fallujah bassist Robert Morey of a new atmospheric black metal project with fellow Modesto resident and Sidian frontman Antonio Palermo called Underling.

“We began writing material in 2011, and took our time in between touring to develop and hone a sound that through the context of atmospheric black metal could invoke emotionally and melodically driven passages,” Morey explains.  “It’s consequently the more organic and invoking side to our respective writing styles that is being showcased with Underling.”

Robert is eager for listeners to hear the music in its completed form.  He and Palermo are currently in the studio getting everything set for a big launch.

Metal fans have seen these kinds of projects in the past, but usually it’s one person doing all of the instruments and a vocalist just contributing lyrics and vox.  Prominent examples include Navene Koperweis’ Fleshwrought project with Job for a Cowboy‘s Jonny Davy adding words and Son of Aurelius bassist Max Zigman’s Smaragos project with help from fellow SoAer Riley McShane.  But Morey insists Underling isn’t like that.

“The writing is pretty much 50/50 instrument wise,” he says.  “We both write the music and we are both recording guitars and bass for different parts.”

With those words, Antonio is moving Underling beyond the traditional vista of Black Metal.

“Lyrically, its more of a dive into personal anguish and past struggle projected through metaphorical schemes,” is the way Morey describes what Palermo has accomplished.

This move towards atmospheric black metal isn’t too dissimilar to the direction Fallujah is taking with its new music.  Now with Underling, Morey and Palermo have another avenue to explore some of these same musical tendencies. Be on the lookout for the first music from Underling in the coming months.

– BS

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