Dead in the Dirt

Just how many great songs are there that start off with the classic call of ‘1, 2, 3, 4’? From the earliest days of outrageous (at the time) rock ‘n’ roll to the sleek and refined music of today, there have been countless tracks that all spark from that one simple idea, but I’m willing to bet not many of them had in mind the same relentless ferocity that Dead In The Dirt invoke on ‘No Chain‘.


No Chain‘ is taken from the band’s upcoming LP The Blind Hole, which you can pick up from August 6th through the current lords of crust, Southern Lord, and is one of the 22 (yes, really) slices of furious grind that the band cook up in less that 25 minutes. If you want your music to kick down your front door and then bludgeon you with it in a matter of seconds, these guys deserve your attention.

[via Metal Hammer]

– DL


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