Windhand - Soma

You know, I’m starting to get the feeling that these fellas in Windhand use illegal drugs.

But seriously though, I don’t normally get too excited about stoner doom, but Windhand’s a major exception. The group’s heavy use of the almighty hook is what makes a 9+ minute doom song enjoyable to me. Their Black Sabbath riffs and Alice in Chains vocal style is perfect for grimy stoner jams. If you’ve got the time, check out their new single ‘Woodbine‘ below. Even if you don’t dabble in the doom, at least listen up to the psychedelic solo section during the first half.


Woodbine‘ appears on the group’s upcoming soph0more album — their debut for Relapse Records — Soma. It’s due out September 17th. Pre-orders are available at this location.

– JR


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