Ulcerate - Vermis

Ulcerate‘s Relapse Records debut (their fourth LP overall) is on my list for most anticipated for 2013. Vermis‘ importance for this year shouldn’t be downplayed, even though Gorguts — the forefathers of Ulcerate’s dense progressive death metal sound — made a mighty return. Ulcerate has promised that Vermis would be darker and more oppressive than their previous effort Destroyers of All, which is no easy task considering that the record fully lived up to its title. Our first taste from the new material comes in the way of the six-minute track, ‘Confronting Entropy.‘ Stream the track below:


The group weren’t kidding; this track is immense and confrontational throughout, not stopping to stargaze like much of Destroyers of All. That weird post-death metal sound is still here, but there’s less open atmosphere. Overall, a great first impression for Vermis, which is due out September 17th. Pre-orders are available at this location.

– JR

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