Arsonists Get All The Girls are one of the most interesting bands to come out of the whole deathcore scene. Their awesome integration of keyboards mixed with their ever-evolving style that blends deathcore, hardcore and grind is the reason I’m always referring my friends to them. I caught up with keyboardist/vocalist Sean Richmond to get the skinny on their new independent album Listen to the Color, the return of their original vocalist, and Taylor Swift.
First off, who are you and what do you do? Argue your importance please.
My name is Sean and I play keyboards and do vocals for Arsonists get all the girls, I am also the designated dishwasher!

You guys have gone through some major lineup changes since the last album cycle. What happened to Jared [Monnette, vocals] and Arthur [Alvarez, guitar]?

Jared and Arthur wanted to pursue other adventures in life, I know that’s a bit vague but its all I got.

On the other hand, you have original vocalist Remi [Rodburg] back. How did that come about and how is that working?

Yes, Remi is back and its been really fun to work with him, his voice is a key element to the AGATG sound. When Jared left we knew we wanted to have two singers still, so we asked Remi if he was down to write and record a new album with us and of course he was!!!

Do you feel that with such a major lineup change, you guys have something to prove this time around?

Not exactly, but I think its safe to say that we know this record will perk up the ears from our old school fans.

How would you describe the new album in comparison to the past discography? Any surprises?

I honestly think it has elements from all of our past releases, Its insane! Yes, there are a few surprise but I shouldn’t spoil it now..

Furthermore, describe your album in one sentence without using adjectives.

What planet are we on?

It’s often cited that you guys initially began as a “joke” band. You guys are no doubt serious musicians at this point even with your light-hearted approach. Are you trying to distance yourselves from this association and the assumption that the band is operating under the guise of irony? How does that attitude strike you?

When I hear the words “joke band” I think of Weird Al or something like that; an artist who makes up funny lyrics or whatever. I feel like AGATG went into the mindset of lets make a “joke band” just to have fun and write the music that we want to write and try to experiment with weird sounds and chaotic vocals that will be incorporated into a somewhat serious but insane sounding product.

What are some of your non-metal influences? You’ve had some extremely strange tracks, such as West Cliffs, that obviously draw from outside genres.

Well, everybody in the band listens to a very wide range of musical genres. Sometimes I’ll get really stoked on a band or two and only listen to them until i have their album memorized, and move on to the next. When Garin [Rosen, drums] and I wrote “West Cliffs” we were listening to a lot of Thrice, Dredg, Portugal. The man, and Minus the Bear.

Pick three bands you would love to go on a dream tour with. 

Poison the Well, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, and Taylor Swift (only because she’s so damn sexy.)

How’s the action out there? Do Arsonists Get All The Girls Get All The Girls?

Well if we go on tour with Taylor Swift our band name will obviously have to change to “Arsonists get all the Taylor Swifts”.

Arsonists Get All The Girls’ new album Listen to the Color is now available through the Bandcamp player below.

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