Moving right along from one forward thinking death metal group to another, tech psychos Gigan have unveiled a new track titled, ‘Electro-Simulated Hallucinatory Response.‘ Now, I’m not super familiar with the group, but it seems to me that they may have flanderized a bit since their last record. This new track seems weirder than normal, as if the band decided to just embrace their tech death slapsticks even further. Truly, the irreverence is strong with this one, but the song’s still plenty of fun and definitely listenable if you’re prepared enough. The song is available for streaming at the almighty Decibel.

Gigan’s new album Multi-Dimensional Fractal Sorcery And Super-Science is out October 15th through Willowtip Records. Expect pre-orders to be available shortly, so keep up with the group on Facebook for more info as it comes in.

– JR


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