damned spring video

Damned Spring Fragrantia‘s Divergences has become somewhat of a sleeper hit for me in 2013. The more I explore the nooks and crannys (ooh err missus) of these off-kilter grooves, the deeper it sets in and the more I want to hear it again. They take the aural ferocity of label-mates Ion Dissonance and inject a healthy dosage of meshugganah groove to create some truly vicious and mathy deathcore — which is perfectly on display here on the band’s latest video ‘Lost Shores‘.


The video’s fairly straight forward, comprised of a mixture of band footage and some other trippy animated visuals that bring to mind Despised Icon‘s ‘Furtive Monologue‘. But it’s still ‘Lost Shores‘ here that’s at the forefront of it all, a track that wrecks it’s way through juddering and lumbering riffs and dissonant and uneasy tones that pierce through the gargantuan groove that the band display. And if you don’t love the first time, listen again — I did and it was definitely worth it.

– DL


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