You may not be familiar with Gaytheist yet (you should be), but you’re probably familiar with the work of director Whitey McConnaughy who worked with Red Fang on their most famous music videos; the beer-guzzling epic battle of ‘Prehistoric Dog‘ and the senseless destruction of ‘Wires‘. McConnaughy recently turned his attention to this 3 piece and gave them the proper treatment for ‘Stomach Pains‘ taken from their recently released album Hold Me… But Not So Tight, producing yet another hilarious gem of a music video. Do not watch on an empty stomach.


I’m a sucker for a good music video, especially one with a sense of humour and McConnaughy and Gaytheist provide that in spades here. Their sugary-sweet punk-metal hybrid makes for the perfect companion to the tale of drug exploration, with side effects that include intense sweating, fire-breathing and a kick-ass band going off on one inside your stomach.

– DL

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