I approach Korn in a similar fashion to Limp Bizkit, though now with quite as much cynicism. Korn were my favorite band in middle to high school, so they hold a soft spot in my heart. I have an extremely high tolerance for the nu-metal innovators, as I even loved See You On The Other Side and Untitled, which got negative-to-mixed reception from critics. I dug the industrial experimentation of the post-Head lineup, at any rate, barring Korn III of course.

Now with founding member Brian Head Welch back in the group on a more permanent basis, I’m actually looking forward to hearing new music from Korn. Head’s riffing was always fairly interesting to me, even if it was at times simplistic. Head’s first album with the group in a decade will be The Paradigm Shift, and hopefully the album lives up to its title.

The album artwork (above) was created by artist Roboto, and definitely has a Tool-esque feeling to it. Hopefully this is reflected in the music. Here’s the tracklist:

01 – “Prey For Me“
02 – “Love & Meth“
03 – “What We Do“
04 – “Spike In My Veins“
05 – “Mass Hysteria“
06 – “Paranoid And Aroused“
07 – “Never Never“
08 – “Punishment Time“
09 – “Lullaby For A Sadist“
10 – “Victimized“
11 – “It’s All Wrong“
12 – “Wish I Wasn’t Born Today” (Deluxe Edition only)
13 – “Tell Me What You Want” (Deluxe Edition only)

Well those song titles are patently Korn, alright. It seems like a lot of the titles deal with past drug use and faith; either Head had a hand in the lyricism or Jonathan Davis is inspired by Head’s return so much that he’s writing songs about their relationship. I wonder how meta Korn are willing to get here. Soon, they’ll be writing Untitled II/Korn IV, an album about Korn albums.

This aside, I’m actually excited to hear new music. Hopefully we’ll get a single shortly, because even though the group hasn’t been all that relevant lately, this reunion album has my attention and curiosity. The Paradigm Shift will be out October 1st on Prospect Park.

– JR

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