There’s only one thing better than great music, and that’s FREE great music. Thankfully, Canadian tech-metallers Collections are familiar with this fact and so have decided to make their debut self-titled album available completely free of charge. The young band blends a mixture of styles into their music, but primarily focuses on a chaotic mathcore sound. Amidst the chaos however, you’ll find plenty of melodic passages that would fit perfectly among more straight up modern progressive metal acts. There’s also a sprinkling of deathcore and djent to be found here although it’s not as prevalent, but the transitions are seamless between all of the different styles.

Vocalist Vince Geiger’s consistent screams can be heard over everything, sounding similar to what you could expect to hear on a Norma Jean or The Chariot record, which adds a lot to the overall chaotic feel. The only downside to this album is that about halfway through it’s 37-minute run time the music begins to get a little too breakdown-heavy. There are still enough interesting sections interspersed throughout to keep the listener’s attention though, so it’s not too bad. This is only the beginning of the band’s life cycle after all, so we can hope to see plenty of improvement in this aspect on future releases. Overall, it’s an excellent start for them and you can stream and download the entire thing below:

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=1632787531 size=medium bgcol=333333 linkcol=ffffff]

If you like what you hear then be sure to hit the band up on their facebook page, or even support them by contributing a few dollars when you download the album!

– PM

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