gutslit - skewered in the sewerGutslit

Skewered in the Sewer

01. Prelude To Putrification
02. Pustulated Phallic Enthralment
03. Offal Barter
04. Circumcized With A Chainsaw
05. Atrophic Cranial Disintegration
06. Haemorrhoidal Brain Custard
07. Pulp Face
08. Maze Of Entrails
09. Skewered In The Sewer

[Ghastly Music]

India isn’t a country well known for their export of extreme metal. Yes, there’s Demonic Resurrection, 3rd Sovereign, 1833 AD and a few other popular local acts trying their best to push the boundaries of extreme metal in the country, yet none have really gone so far as to take it in the direction Gutslit do with their version of Brutal Death Grind. There are hardly any local Indian bands that play this type of music, and Gutslit could quite possibly be the first ever in the country or at least the most well-known. There’s always a danger for a band like Gutslit where they might be termed as nothing but a novelty with no actual substance due to their Indian origins. Thankfully, that stereotype is laid to waste with their debut album Skewered In The Sewer. Though they might be the only band worthy of wearing the “slam” tag, it’s a welcome addition to the metal roster of the country. With Skewered In The Sewer, Gutslit truly lift the bar when it comes to brutal music in India.

Starting with the weird opening monologue of ‘Prelude To Putrification’, the album sets a tone from the get go that this would be a fairly disturbing affair. Suddenly, you’re thrown into a barrage of heavy, pummelling riffs, one after the other, that will beat the listener into a pulp by the time the album’s done. Crazy fast riffs with frequent pinch harmonics and just the right amount of sweeps, Gutslit draw a fine line between head-bobbing grooves and lightning fast mayhem.

Vocalist Aditya Barve does a fine job at delivering vocals with much ferocity. He also shows quite a bit of diversity by employing not just a fantastic guttural, low end growl but even some high pitched screams at times which certainly add some flavour to an otherwise bland approach at vocals seen mostly within the genre. As far as the lyrical theme is concerned, it’s pretty much what you’ve come to expect from any band that plays such an extreme kind of metal. With the usual songs about gore, bodily/genital mutilation and a generous amount of disturbing imagery, there’s enough to quench your thirst for slasher-flick inspired poetry.

In this type of genre, a good, polished sound isn’t really something one expects. Though, Skewered In The Sewer isn’t as polished as say, Abominable Putridity or Pathology, the mixing is done so well that it’s as polished as any slam album should be. The guitars have the right amount of grit and grime to bring that dirty slam tone. The bass sounds massive and the flat snare tone cuts through the mix quite nicely.

Speaking of production, unlike with most Slamming Death Metal, Skewered In The Sewer has quite a prominent bass sound that shines through the mix, making itself heard whenever it requires so. Bassist Gurdip Singh has his own moments on a few tracks where the bass takes centre-stage, though these moments are far and few. Drummer Aaron Pinto’s manic, gut busting blast-beats on the snare and constant double-peddling bass, keeps everything going at top speed throughout the album, never slowing down for a second.

Gutslit aren’t really breaking any boundaries with their debut album. It’s mostly what you’ve come to expect from any band within this genre. Down-tuned, lightning fast riffs, grooving slam sections, great coordination and just all out brutality. There aren’t many riffs that seem original, and at times Gutslit wears their influences quite blatantly on tracks such as ‘Offal Barter,’ with Defeated Sanity inspired sweeps; and ‘Pulp Face’ which brings to mind Devourment’s intro to ‘Butcher The Weak’, but they’re executed so well that it doesn’t even matter and mainly serve as a homage to the greats. Gutslit might not be able to play as fast or technical as their influences, but they really don’t seem to be focusing that much on speed than on grooving slams and just sheer brutality. You won’t be paying attention to the lack of originality when you’re moshing to such stellar tracks as ‘Haemorrhoidal Brain Custard’ and ‘Circumcised With A Chainsaw’ which also features guest-vocals by Abnormality’s Mallika Sundaramurthy, clearly the standout track on the album.

Overall, the album is brutal and there isn’t much anything that can be found at fault here. Everything from the production, to the lightning fast mayhem and the sheer brutality of the album is top notch. Apart from the lack of originality in terms of writing, this is an excellent display of what the band has to offer in a country with no other contemporaries to name. Hopefully, this will pave a way for other bands in the country to take notice of a genre that’s mostly disregarded due to its extreme nature even for veteran metal fans. Skewered In The Sewer slays and grooves hard, and will probably be slamming for days on your playlist.


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