born of osiris - tomorrow we die alive

Disclaimer: I’m never going to refer to any of Born of Osiris‘ new work with the silly character symbols the band have been using. Aside from being 2deep4me, I’m too lazy to keep the triangle thing copied in my clipboard for use.

With that out of the way, Born of Osiris‘ new album Tomorrow We Die Alive is on the horizon, and following the first single ‘Machine,‘ fans were worried that the music would be too straightforward and repetitive. Would the new effort live up to the standard set by their last album, The Discovery? We’re getting a clearer answer as the band have posted samples of every track from the new album.


Here are our initial thoughts:

  • The production sounds as if it’s a victim of the loudness war; overly compressed with no dynamic, like Structures’ massively panned Divided By. The audio on the ‘Machine‘ single wasn’t too promising either.
  • Open note chugs. Open note chugs everywhere.
  • This may be the band’s most melodic work to date, with ‘Expression‘ and ‘Absolution‘ featuring clean vocals.

Despite the first two cons, the record will still probably be super catchy and enjoyable despite all the 00000 0000 0 00 000.

Tomorrow We Die Alive will be available August 20th through Sumerian Records. Expect pre-orders shortly!

– JR


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