mdf XII

People (myself included) are always quick to point out how America lacks in music festivals. Europe’s got a nice circuit going on, but we’ve got very little in that regard. We do make up for it quite a bit for the always excellent Maryland Deathfest. I was fortunate enough to go in 2012, and I would definitely love to go again. The lineup gets bigger and better every year, and it’s beginning to look like the 2014 iteration of the festival will be worth the trip.

The first round of bands announced is incredibly enticing. Check it out:

GORGUTS (Canada)
TAAKE (Norway)
MGLA (Poland)
DIOCLETIAN (New Zealand)

At The Gates and Gorguts alone would make for a stellar show, but judging by the wording from the Facebook announcement, the festival has even bigger and better bands in store for headlining the event:

We thought there would be more to announce today, including a band that will definitely headline one of the days, but that will take another week or two to finalize. Expect the next announcement in about 2 weeks.

Also, it’s worth noting that the fest has eyes firmly on Carpathian Forest:

We have a feeling many of you will ask what’s going on with Carpathian Forest, so here’s what’s going on. We had preliminary discussion with them right after MDF XI and all parties understand what needs to be done for them to come to the US next year, but since our contact person for the band has been on vacation with no access to e-mail, we have to wait until he’s back before confirming that officially. So, as of now, they are NOT confirmed, but chances are likely that they will confirm sometime soon.
So this is already shaping up to be a fantastic show. I’d better start saving now. MDF XII will take place May 22 – 25th 2014 in Baltimore, MD.
– JR

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