I still think album artwork is an important part of the package. Edgy, I know, but short of new music, it’s new artwork that gets me excited for a new release. And Red Fang‘s upcoming release Whales And Leeches looks absolutely spectacular.

The art was done by Orion Landau, whose artwork you’re probably quite familiar with, even if you don’t know it. His work includes Pig Destroyer’s Book Burner, Cephalic Carnage‘s Mislead By Certainty, Misery Index‘s Heirs To Misery, Obscura‘s Cosmogenesis and even Red Fang’s previous album Murder The Mountains, but I have to say that I think he may have topped all that with Whales And Leeches

No release date has been set in stone just yet, however an October release through Relapse has been hinted at. And if you’re wondering why the album title is so familiar, it’s probably because of this track that was tucked away at the tail-end of their debut. Hopefully, they’ll revisit it because it’s one hell of a song.


[via The PRP]

– DL


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