fit for an autopsy

And here I was thinking Fit For An Autopsy weren’t even a thing anymore! I guess we all have our blind spots, and I’m discovering them all the time. In fact, not only are the group still kickin, but they’ve got a new album coming out this year as well.

Here’s the skinny from guitarist Will Putney:

“We’re extremely happy to be working with eOne/GoodFight. I can remember buying Martyr A.D. and Fortheloveof CDs from Carl when I was a teenager so to have a record released by the man himself is very humbling. 

We love Guy at Black Market and everything he’s done for us during our time with Black Market Activities. He took a chance on us when Nate and I had some demos in a computer and we owe a lot to that dude. Everyone please support that catalogue, Black Market has the coolest bands!

Our new album, Hellbound, is an accumulation of everything we love about heavy music. You’ll find nods to Converge, Gojira, Isis, Ion Dissonance, 90s Florida death metal, Swedish melodic death and modern deathcore (the good kind, if thats such a thing). It’s hard to classify but it’s extremely aggressive and I feel very uncomfortable yet very satisfied listening to it. We hope you enjoy it too. See you on the road.”

Sounds promising! Hellbound will be out September 10th. A teaser trailer for the album can be viewed below.


– JR

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