design the skyline

Design the Skyline — that band that got so much shit for being terrible that Attack Attack seemed reasonable in comparison — have fulfilled the wishes of metalheads the world over and called it quits, according to a post from Lambgoat.

To be completely fair though — and I say this knowingly as a guy who has a fairly high tolerance for bad music — the band’s full length album Nevaeh wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Then again, that’s like saying stubbing your toe on the coffee table is better than having the toenail pried off. Of course it’s not as bad, but it still sucks. Most of the hate though seemed to be directed at the band’s flamboyant Hot Topic appearance (makeup, neon hair extensions) and youthful ignorance (pretty sure they lived by the motto “haters make us famous”). Whatever it was about them that caused all the ire from the online metal community, take solace in knowing that it’s pretty much over.

Here’s vocalist Eric Azure had to say about the news:

“My heart is heavy as a dawn sets towards a new sunrise. 4 years ago my band Design The Skyline formed from the passion of 7 individuals with the goal of creating a unique open-minded experience in a world bound by normalities. While the goal was ultimately reached and many loving, dedicated fans rose and stand by us, we have decided to part ways and begin a new chapter in our music careers.

“Thank you to all the fans who supported us, fought with us and will continue to do so! I have endless love and appreciation for you! I will never forget all the messages from everyone saying I saved lives, opened eyes, inspired, and helped push through the struggles of life. Though I am just a human like everyone else, it’s our voices, and communication that bounds us and together we help eachother go beyond the stars! My will, passion, and focus is stronger than ever before and a project like no other will rise from the ashes. Together we will change the world!

“More information to come very soon. The future is ours!”

So that’s that. It’s clear that he has high hopes for his career in music to continue, I’d wager to bet that we’ll never really hear from him again. Still, at least he didn’t bow out of music by saying “Also, I am not a homosexual.”

– JR

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