Protest the Hero made all kinds of buzz this year without even having to drop any new music. The group took to crowd-sourcing website IndieGoGo to fund their fourth full-length album, which was presumed to be seeing an independent release. The group obliterated their expectations and raised $341,146 of the $125,000 goal, which turned many heads in the industry. Apparently the group caught the attention of some record labels, because now the group have cut distribution deals with the likes of Sony (Canada), Spinefarm (Overseas), and Razor & Tie (United States).

The band issued the update through the following statement:

“Our successful crowd funding campaign allowed us a new level of both artistic and business minded freedom. We had the pleasure of recording an album with budgets and deadlines created only by ourselves and we think the project benefited the world over because of that. We can’t thank our dedicated contributors enough for putting us in the driver seat. It has been an arduous process because we have had to create two completely different packages for this album. One will be the exclusive release which will only go to people who contributed to our campaign.

The other is going to be the more standard release which we hope everyone will see on record store shelves (and digitally, of course). We realized pretty quickly after recording that we were going to need some help with the distribution of the traditional release. We knew we wanted our album to be available around the world in as many formats as possible. With this in mind, and with our new found sense of control we have teamed up with some new pals. All of which are completely on board with our non-traditional view moving forward.

No advances, no multi-record deals, no hidden agendas. We hope you are able to get your hands on at least one of these versions of our new album, regardless of where you are in the world. It’s scary, but wonderful to say…this album absolutely would not have been possible without the generosity and support of those who contributed to the making of our new album. We will forever be in your debt!”

It’s great that the band have their bases covered enough to be able to confidently create the album they want to make with the luxury of not having to worry about a budget or debt, as well as reap the benefits of a label infrastructure and resources. Get money y’all.

I bet their former label Vagrant Records are all sorts of pissed right now. Look out for the new Protest album later this year.

– JR

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