trivium vengeance falls

Some folks are stoked on new Trivium, and that’s understandable. However, the group’s latest attempt at getting the hype train rolling on their new album Vengeance Falls may be a little complicated. The site has been created, urging fans to visit the site on their mobile devices or entering their phone number to gain access to a new album teaser. It doesn’t appear to be as cut and dry as getting a clip of new material, either.

Some fans were able to source the audio file that is played when the site is accessed through mobile devices. While it does contain some new music, it’s entirely negligible. Instead, most of the teaser seems to be comprised of a garbled mess. Perhaps Trivium are doing what Nine Inch Nails did for Year Zero and crafting an ARG sort of experience for Vengeance Falls? Perhaps there’s a message to be decoded here for those with more time, technical know-how, and care than I seem to have.

You can take a listen to the mysterious transmission.mp3 at this location. Tell me if it makes any sense to you guys.

– JR


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