the crinn

I’m kinda baffled at the moment as to how we all could have missed this, but mathcore stalwarts The Crinn have announced their plans to release new material. Although a tentative date hasn’t yet been given, there’s a fairly good chance it will happen sometime this year. I mean, their first statements about writing new songs trace back as far as August 2012 (?!), and according to their most recent updates, they began demoing the songs this June. I also couldn’t spot any specific mention as to whether it’s an EP or a full-length album but whatever it is, it definitely contains brand new tunes.

Frankly, after salivating on Dreaming Saturn for more than three years now, I reckon most of us will gobble up anything the band tosses at us. Dreaming Saturn was a spectacular achievement, combining the crazy aesthetics of Psyopus with further progressive tendencies, hooks galore, and a heavy jazz influence. It was and still is some of the most emotionally rich, yet catchiest mathcore I have heard so far. The album definitely earns the HBIH seal of approval, and if you’re a fan of any kind of progressive music, you owe it to yourself to check it out if you haven’t already. While there’s no guarantee their upcoming material will sound as good as their past one, many of us at the blog are all kinds of excited right now, and we’ll keep you updated with the band’s progress. In the meantime, you can go to The Crinn’s Bandcamp to check out both Dreaming Saturn and/or their earlier, even whackier stuff.


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