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Bummer alert: Chilean progressive metallers Mar De Grises have decided to call it a day. If you’re reading this and scratching your head over who Mar De Grises are, then I don’t blame you. The group, despite having the critical acclaimed 2010 album Streams Inwards on their hands, the band never really had the opportunity to break out of obscurity.

Their label Season of Mist delivered the group’s final statement:

“It is with deep emotion that we must announce that Mar de Grises has come to an end. Several reasons have led us to make this decision. Our spirits have changed and we collectively chose to end this beautiful cycle. Our musical paths have parted. You will know about our new projects soon. Being part of this project during all these years has been amazing and magical, and sharing our feelings through music with great friends for so long has filled us with joy and satisfaction. Mar de Grises allowed us to reach places we never thought we would; to share stage with people we admire and, above all, with good friends; to contribute to the musical history of Chile, and to reach the hearts of fans all over the world. We feel more than rewarded with all your love and feedback. We would like to give our sincere thanks to all our technical staff, friends and families, past members of the band, labels, promoters, media, agencies, and to all those who believed and were sincerely involved in all our undertakings. Above all, we wish to thank all our fans who have given us unconditional support during these 13 years. To give this story the ending it deserves, we are working on the details of a final show which will be announced soon. Now the Jewel of the Andes, as we were once called, will rest in our hearts and will continue to live in you and your memories. Farewell.”

Mar De Grises were far too criminally ignored. Hopefully with this news people will be able to check out their discography. This is epic stuff.


– JR


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