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This is some odd news! I’ve always associated AFI with pop-punk and that whole music scene, even though they started out with roots in hardcore. They became a guilty pleasure of mine in high school, and I actually enjoyed Decemberunderground even though I NEVER would have admitted it at the time due to it being pretty campy. Looking back, being “guilty” of enjoying music is a ridiculous premise.

I bring this up because word on the street has it that Touche Amore are going to be touring together shortly. However accepting I am of AFI, I’d imagine many fans out there aren’t. AFI aren’t as big as they used to be, but would Touche Amore fans be out of place at an AFI show? Will casual AFI fans be turned off by Touche Amore’s heavy use of harsh vocals and more aggressive sound? I mean, the two groups aren’t totally incompatible, but anyone who went to the Coheed and Cambria/Between the Buried and Me tour can tell you that the crowd were wildly of two different minds about the pairing. This might be a similar situzation.

At any rate, if you dig either band and have an open mind, this is sure to be a fun show. The tour is just rumored right now, but it’s pretty much guaranteed to happen, as two dates have slipped out via The PRP:

10/14 Pittsburgh, PA – Club Zoo
10/29 Reno, NV – Knitting Factory

Full list of dates when we get ’em!

– JR


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