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If you hadn’t heard already, Varg Vikernes has been released without charge from accusations of plotting a terrorist attack (although he may still be persecuted for ‘inciting racial hatred’ if some sources are to be believed). He then took his blog to recount the tale of his arrest from his perspective.

It’s a pretty lengthy piece, spread over nearly six different posts now, starting here. However, it confirms that much of the reasoning behind the arrest was the apparent link between Vikernes and Anders Breivik, writing:

The French authorities, like they told us and our lawyers, arrested us solely because of that (false) link to Breivik, a person we strongly disagree with on all fundamental questions. A person I have publicly and repeatedly attacked, because of his coward crimes and because I detest everything he stands for and represents.

But that’s not why you’re here. I can tell. Really, the one question that was plaguing your mind the entire time this was going on, was, ‘what colour were Varg’s pants that day?’ Thankfully, the man himself  has delivered, with daring conviction and prose, confirming that they were indeed orange. Read on:

Sorry to digress, but some times when you buy underwear you get three underpants in one package, and for some reason at least one of these are always in some horrible colour, and of course I was wearing such a pair of underpants on Thuesday morning. A pair of strikingly orange underpants. Having been repeatedly dragged out into the street or prison hallways or similar in my underwear before, by the Norwegian police or prison guards, I thought to myself that this was going to repeat itself and I would be photographed with my little belly, my thin hair, my tanned arms in great contrast to my pale body and — wearing horribly orange underpants. (Everybody would believe that I was actually Dutch…)

More news on Varg’s pants as we get it.

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