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The founders of Yellowism, Marcin Lodyga and Vladimir Umanets, wrote an extensive manifesto on the art movement, stating:

“Yellowism is an autonomous phenomenon in contemporary culture. It derived from the visual arts and despite this fact, is not classified as art, what is in accordance with its essence. Characteristic feature of yellowism is the lack of a creative element. All manifestations of yellowism are about yellow, are identical in content and differ only in terms of form. Pieces of yellowism are cause of expansion of yellowism and are not the result of the creative process and evolution.”

Yes. Of course. It’s all so obvious. Thankfully, The Safety Fire‘s track of the same name is much more immediately satisfying and displays all the prominent features that made their debut Grind The Ocean so great whilst expanding on them and refining their songwriting. The track, released earlier today, came pre-packaged with a video of the band performing the track, strutting their stuff and pulling their best ‘Vogue’-faces. Check it out:


Yellowism‘ is taken from the band’s upcoming album Mouth Of Swords, which will be released on the 2nd of September through InsideOut Records.

– DL


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