Windhand - Soma

When it comes to blatant Sabbath worship, few do it as well (and as catchy) as Windhand. We certainly enjoyed their self-titled album back in 2011, and since then,  the group teamed up with Cough for a split album this year before signing to Relapse Records. The group has just announced their new album, Soma, and you can check out a brief clip of new material below.


Via the press release:

On Soma, Windhand successfully make syrupy slow, downtuned doom hooky and anthemic.  Propelled by singer Dorthia Cottrell’s beautifully haunting bellow, Windhand’s dual guitar attack sounds like the glorious misfit offspring of Black Sabbath and Nirvana.  An easy candidate for heavy music record of the year.  The album was recorded and mixed by the band’s own Garrett Morris at The Darkroom and mastered by James Plotkin in their hometown. 

I’m glad someone’s going through the trouble of making stoned-out doom metal catchy. It’s like doom metal is afraid of earworms or something. Fortunately, there should be plenty on Soma when it drops September 17th on Relapse Records. Pre-orders are available at this location.

– JR


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