Ulcerate - Vermis

As many of you know, Ulcerate are one of my favorite death metal bands. The group’s almost post-death metal sound is jarring and brutal, with an overarching sense of atmosphere that is almost disturbingly beautiful. The group’s new album Vermis is just on the horizon, and the band promises that it will be even more technical and chaotic than 2011’s The Destroyers of All. We’ve yet to hear a full song from the group to test this claim, but we’re getting bits and pieces. The band has released a video documenting the recording sessions of Vermis, and you can watch it (and hear clips of new music!) below.


Jamie Saint Merat is easily one of the best drummers in death metal. He not only knows his technique and how to play fast, but he’s able to utilize a sense of restraint and subtlety that really makes Ulcerate so volatile. He really is the backbone of the band. Of course, it’s worth mentioning that Paul Kellan’s vocals are as dominant as ever, and Michael Hoggart’s guitar tone is unreal.

Vermis is due out September 17th through Relapse Records. Pre-orders are available here. 

– JR


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