Loss of Self - 12 Minutes

Last week, I recommended the post-black metal oddities Loss of Self. These peculiar Aussies take the post-black sound and shakes it up with punk rhythms, avant-garde mentality, and a bit of brevity. Typically, the genre features expansive songwriting in epic length, but it’s not unusual for Loss of Self to bust out 2 – 4 minute jams. At least, that was the case for their self-titled demo EP. Think Deafheaven, but a bit weird!

The group are gearing up to release their debut full length 12 Minutes, and Pitchfork are streaming the first new track from the album, ‘There Must Be Great Wisdom With Great Death.’ I don’t know what that mouthful of a title means, but it sounds cool at least. Go give it a spin.

12 Minutes will be out September 2nd on The Flenser records. Keep tabs on new developments (pre-orders, new music) as they come in through Facebook and The Flenser. In the mean time, check out the group’s demo EP — which will appear remastered on the new album — below.

– JR


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