Lycus - TempestLycus – Tempest

[20 Buck Spin]

Lycus are a fantastic doom metal band in the vein of Towards Darkness and Esoteric. Their newest offering, Tempest, is three songs and nearly 45 minutes of awesome doom. The album’s three songs, ranging from nine to 20 minutes in length, really carry their weight, and despite only having three songs, it can be broken down into parts and viewed as a collection of a few songs. The tones are thick and cutting, the vocals are pitch perfect, and everything about this record screams awesome. It’s a great example of how well the neo-doom form of music is doing. The only qualm with this record is how brief it is. yeah, three songs at 45 minutes may not sound brief, but in the grand scheme, one or even two more songs would have made it that much better. However, it’s still great. If you want emotive, powerful, slow and heavy music, then look no further. It may not end up on a year-end list, but make no mistake that this record is highly recommended to any and all metal fans wanting something fresh, and something freaking awesome.


WanzwaWanzwa – Wanzwa III


Wanzwa is Marty Eason and Russell Richardson, two dudes from Georgia who recorded this amazing album next to a chicken coop. Not only did this inspire them to give us this trippy cover, but they ended up recording a beautiful album. This album is over 40 minutes of pure jams, flowing together seamlessly like one long instrumental track. Yes, instrumental. Though this word may throw a lot of you off, rest assured that this record is never dull, monotonous or wankery in the slightest. Imagine if you took all the awesome stuff Animals As Leaders does and mixed it with some funk and down-south groove, and you have an awesome piece. The album’s crowning achievement is the fact that there are memorable riffs amidst all of this amazing playing. Normally you’d expect to just hear a nice solo, but man the riffs on this record are awesome. This record is extremely under the radar, and there should not be a reason why, because this album is simply killer, and you’d be a fool to miss out.



counterparts the differenceCounterparts – The Difference Between Hell And Home

[Victory Records]

Melodic hardcore music is something that’s really a niche genre, and Counterparts have it down to a science. From start to finish this record is blistering, melodic, heavy and emotional. Every song, ranging from 2 to 3 minutes in length, carries it’s own weight, perhaps more than if they were longer songs. The album is different from their first record, and seems to be a bit heavier, which really bodes the band well, because it’s all great music. Songs live ‘Slaves‘ and ‘Soil‘ really show off how heavy the band can go, without sounding tired and outdated. This record is their best one yet, and not just from a musical standpoint. The production is super clean and crisp, and the best part is that this band is super young. Only being around for about 6 years, the band has an unlimited ceiling as to how high they can go with their special brand of hardcore music. There’s a reason this is the best band on Victory Records, considering they went to garbage after losing Between The Buried And Me. Watch out world; Counterparts are here to take it over.




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