Anathema is one of the few bands that got softer with age and totally got away with it. The former death/doom group shed their anger and instead opted for art-rock whimsey and melancholy. Their last album Weather Systems was the soundtrack to manly tears, and went on to become on of the best albums of 2012. A little over a year later and it’s not really news that the band are already working on a follow-up, and the band decided to go ahead and tease fans by offering a brief glimpse at new material in a slightly unconventional way.

In the below video posted to the band’s Facebook page, chief songwriter Danny Cavanagh sat down at a piano at the Berlin Hilton to perform a segment of new material. Check it out:


It sounds absolutely beautiful, and somewhat in the vein of the material from Weather Systems, if not a bit more depressive. At any rate, new Anathema is coming together, and it’s shaping up to be glorious.

In the mean time, Anathema will be hitting North America shortly with Alcest! Check out dates here. 

– JR


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