You’ve probably already heard ‘We Are‘, the track put together by multi-instrumentalist Ray Holroyd in support of Buskaid, a charity devoted to helping to provide instruments and musical tuition to children in South Africa. You’re probably well aware of the fact that it contains contributions from some very well respected metal musicians; namely System Of A Down‘s Serj Tankian, Scandinavian king of prog Ihsahn and the musical deity that is Devin Townsend.

But, did you know that they have released an incredibly trippy video in support of the song?


It’s an interesting change from the standard metal fare for music videos and it’s certainly a hell of a lot brighter. All in all, Revolution Harmony looks to be a success for a project that could’ve probably just scraped by on the names it had with it, instead we got a track that’s varied, catchy and gives each guest enough room and space to contribute without ever really clashing. The track was released today and you can pick up a copy through iTunes here, so put some cash towards a good cause!

– DL


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