pathology - lords of rephaim

Apparently this news is two months old, but I’m only just recently hearing about it! I suppose that’s what happens when you go from a label with the marketing power of Victory Records to a tiny indie label. Pathology, possibly the most well known slam act, will be releasing a new album titled Lords of Rephaim this September!

I’m actually surprised the band will still be active. Last I heard, the band underwent a traumatic lineup change or may have even briefly disbanded. I dunno what happened, because now the band are poised to release another record with fan-favorite vocalist Matti Way, who hasn’t been with the band since 2010’s Legacy of the Ancients, and original guitarist Tim Tiszczenko.

Also, I literally just noticed that this group has put out an album every year since 2008. How about that?! Not missing a single year.

Despite this album being first announced two months back, we’ve yet to hear any new music from Lords of Rephaim. Keep a look out; they could drop a new track any day now! The record will be out September 3rd on Sevared Records.

– JR


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