Full of Hell - Rudiments of Mutilation

What’s better than great music? Great music at a price of your choosing.

And that’s exactly Full Of Hell are giving you. The grindcore/hardcore punk act’s most recent album Rudiments Of Mutilation, released earlier this year, has been made available as a pay what you want download for the rest of the week through A389 Records’ Bandcamp page. So now you really have no excuse not to check out what is probably some of the most visceral and intense music you’ll hear all year. The band took to their Facebook page with a statement about the decision, that read as:

Our new LP is up for 100% completely FREE DOWNLOAD all week through the A389 Records bandcamp. We have always wanted all of our music to be digitally free to everyone and A389 is being cool enough to let us do this. This is very important to us as a band, so please repost this link and help us spread the word. NUMB YOUR MIND!


These are interesting times we live in and you have to respect a band that can just decide to give it away for free, so I just gained a whole lot of it for both A389 and Full Of Hell.

– DL


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