Dead in the Dirt

Although probably more renowned for fast and furious approach to crusty grindcore, Dead In The Dirt have taken a slightly more restrained method with their latest track release from their upcoming album The Blind Hole. ‘The Pit Of Me‘ carves a plodding and almost lethargic riff into your skull with it’s entrance, the sort that that would feel more at home on an Eyehategod record than anywhere else, before diving into raucous d-beats and hardcore punk. It’s these little nuances that are the signs of a band getting to know themselves and really refining their music to a razor sharp point.

Pitchfork has the exclusive, so head over to give it a listen. The Blind Hole will see an August 6th release through Southern Lord records and, even though we’ve only heard 2 out of the 22 tracks on offer from the record, I can definitely see it being one of the highlights to the latter half of 2013.


– DL


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