Phantom Glue – A War Of Light Cones

Kurt Ballou gets around. When he’s not blazing a trail with Converge, he’s hunkered down in his own studio at God City, working the sound-desk for various noise-making machines who’ve all requested his producing expertise. This is where he could be found during the months of April and August 2011, twiddling the knobs for Boston, MA’s Phantom Glue. The result of those sessions has taken two whole years to see the light of day, but now Black Market Activities have stepped in to save A War Of Light Cones from staying buried from view.

Dead In The Dirt Enter The Pit Of Me

Although probably more renowned for fast and furious approach to crusty grindcore, Dead In The Dirt have taken a slightly more restrained method with their latest track release from their upcoming album The Blind Hole. ‘The Pit Of Me’ carves a plodding and almost lethargic riff into your skull with it’s entrance,…