where is our liberty countdown

With the new release from Northlane receiving tons of praise, a new song from Architects and the promise of a new album soon, The Acacia Strain, Terror, and Glass Cloud releasing new albums last year to much acclaim, and the upcoming album from Misery Signals on nearly everyone’s most anticipated albums lists, could these bands be doing a tour together?

Lately the bands have posted this site http://www.whereisourliberty.com/ to their Facebook pages, and it has a counter on it. On Wednesday, July 17th, we will all get an announcement of some sort, and it doesn’t seem too far off that these bands would tour together. All these bands are in the “metalcore” vein, with some slight differences, especially with The Acacia Strain. If I had to venture a guess, Northlane would open, then Architects, then The Acacia Strain, then Misery Signals. This would actually be a pretty cool tour. While I could never really get into Northlane, I love me some TAS and Architects, and Misery Signals is Misery Signals, so you can understand the attraction there. Glass Cloud has groove for days, and they’re insane live, so they’d put on a great show. Terror’s hardcore edge would throw some people off, but I’d imagine it could work. It also makes sense that these bands would be affiliated with one another, since all of them play a really groove-oriented style of music, and usually have overlapping fan bases.

While none of the bands have hinted at anything other than posting this link, it’s not the first time bands have done something like this. Extol hinted at their new album for months before actually announcing it, and bands past and present have all done something of the sort. With two of these bands having albums from this year, and the others having one from last year, it would all make sense and everything would fit. Looks like we’ll just have to wait until they release the details and the counter expires next week!



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