You ever listen to a new song and just sit there going ‘damn, this is so good’?

Revocation‘s latest outing ‘Invidious‘ is pretty much having that exact effect on me right now. It just seems like no matter how many times they try and put out some violently fast thrash with more twists and turns than a… twisty-turny thing, they pass with flying colours and exceed any and all expectations I’d set out for them. The track is taken from the band’s upcoming self-titled album and features an appearance from metal’s most underused brutal instrument, the banjo — it may only be a brief appearance but there’s no way it would slip by unnoticed.

MetalSucks are the source of this mayhem, so head over there and remember your p’s and q’sRevocation is set for release August 6th, through Relapse Records and if you’re not already aware you can catch the band on what I’m told is the best US summer tour, the Summer Slaughter tour, alongside The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Ocean, and Aeon, amongst others.

– DL


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