misery signals 2013

Last time I regaled you with the tale about how I was a pleb that hadn’t given Misery Signals the proper attention… Well you’ll be glad to know, that with the ridiculous help that Spotify is, I’m a pleb no more and am fully anticipating the release of Absent Light on the 23rd, later this month. The hype train is in full swing with the band releasing their second full track from the album, ‘Lost Relics‘ through the German branch of Metal Hammer magazine and, naturally, es ist verdammt gut!


The riffs are absolutely everywhere — they just never stop. Honestly, I can’t see many being disappointed with this, especially if they’re a fan of previous material, but time will tell I suppose. Thankfully, there’s not long left to wait.

Also, leave my German alone, it’s been years since I needed it!

– DL


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