Australia is on top-form lately when it comes to metal, as you’ll probably have noticed. Helping out with the cause are Melbourne based five-piece Circles, who’s previous EP outing The Compass  became one of the true hidden gems of 2011 by mixing gigantic, rhythmic riffs with a croon that would rival even the mighty Patton and electronic influences that are, for once, tastefully spliced in.


Finally, the band have returned and have, in tow with them, a brand new album set for release later this year through Basick Records by the name of Infinitas. Details were released earlier today through, which contains a teaser for the album alongside an opportunity to sign-up for the mailing list and receive studio videos that apparently ‘tells the story of Infinitas and how it came to be’ plus a new track ‘As It Is Above‘.

I’m only a few listens in and it’s been a little while since I’ve heard The Compass, but I’m really surprised by how heavy ‘As It Is Above‘ is. Maybe it’s not indicative of the entire direction of the album, but I guess I figured they would lean more and more towards tracks like ‘Eye Embedded‘ as time went on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, ‘As It Is Above‘ has got me more than excited for the release of Infinitas but now it’ll be even more interesting to see how it unfolds.

– DL



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