the secret

The Secret‘s last effort, Agnus Dei, was killer. It’s metallic hardcore done right, and it’s one of the best records to come out in the past few years. The band have prepared a new music video for us all for the track ‘May God Damn Us All’, which rules.


It’s a “live” music video, which I love to watch, because it accurately encapsulates the intensity of their live shows through video. Makes me want to see them live. But, unfortunately, their upcoming tour is in Japan, and I live in Florida. Damn. Here are the dates:

THE SECRET Japan Tour 2013 w/ Isolate:
11/14/2013 B.B.Street – Yokohama, Kanagawa w/ A.O.W.
11/15/2013 Bush Bash – Koiwa, Tokyo w/ Enslave, Wombscape
11/16/2013 Hokage – Shinsaibashi, Osaka w/ Mortalized, Birushanah, Palm, Seek
11/17/2013 Earthdom – Shin Okubo, Tokyo w/ Coffins, Weepray

Stream the entire album at this location, and pick it up if you got the change!


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