Fleshgod Apocalypse - Labyrinthe

Ever since Italian symphonic death metallers Fleshgod Apocalypse came along, the bar has been raised for epic extreme metal. Prior, it was more often than not that symphonic metal was over the top cheese and often didn’t sound convincing enough. Fleshgod does the sound with a certain expertise, fully incorporating the classical music style into their songwriting instead of relying on canned backtracks as a gimmick.

The band broke out with their 2011 Nuclear Blast debut Agony, but now the band’s follow-up Labyrinth is on the horizon. Our first glimpse of the album comes in the form of the album’s third track, ‘Elegy.’ I’m gonna go ahead and give them a pass for one of metal’s most over-used song titles, because it rules.


It looks like Fleshgod aren’t making any huge changes to their sound this time around, which is good. It’s easy to see how the band could lighten their sound, but the brutality remains intact! We all look forward to hearing more when Labyrinth drops August 20th through Nuclear Blast Records. Look out for pre-orders soon!

– JR


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