safety fire red hatchet video

The top comment, as of writing, for this new video for ‘Red Hatchet‘ from UK tech-metallers The Safety Fire is:

Hipster Metal

Which gave me a good chuckle. Knowing the use of that word, it could be some self-aware, self-deprecating joke or even a genuine slur that got propelled to the top through a mixture of agreement and others mistaking it for a joke. Man it’s hard keeping up with this whole ironic, self-aware thing. I should probably just stick to enjoying the things I do like and disliking the things I don’t. I much prefer the second highest comment:

The Safety Fire: lads in a metal band that double as ASOS models

Anyone who’s actually listened to The Safety Fire though, knows they are legit. Winding and twisting leads and juddering riffs are topped by vicious screams and crooning cleans — it’s one hell of a potent mix and shows off why they are one of the most important and exciting new acts around. Mouth Of Swords is set for release on the 2nd of September through InsideOut Records and looks set to be one of the highlights of the latter half of the year with ‘Red Hatchet‘ being the lead off single in support of the album. The video’s a pretty colourful affair, which makes a nice change, but the real treat here is the song behind it all. The more I hear it, the more I love it. Check it out:


That moustache is a work of art.

– DL

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