ovid pls

Ovid’s Withering, (a.k.a Ovdi Pls) are a bunch of guys from Tampa who love to be funny and heavy. While they’re hilarious people, their music is far from it, taking elements of black metal, deathcore, symphonic metal and slam to concoct then ultimate metal cocktail. They have released a new song, which rules, and you can hear it here!


Via the band’s Facebook about their forthcoming EP:

The story behind Terraphage (our EP) will be an ongoing tale stemming from our full-length. Basically, it is our concept behind the death of Greek mythology, and the birth of our own mythology.. which will continue on through the next full-length album. We took a big chance releasing something off the EP, because we know its very different from our full-length…but be advised, each song on Terraphage will have a very different feel, reflecting the new Ovidian god that each song represents. Grothis was our first. Hopefully that helps explain to those who were asking! Please feel free to ask if you are curious about any other aspects of it. Almost 5,000 views in 2 days..you guys are in incredible. Our fans rule face.

You heard them! Go ask here and catch them in Orlando on the Summer Slaughter Tour!

P.S. I’ll also be there, so feel free to say hey!


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