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By now, you should be at least aware of Coilguns, the mathcore side-project feature prominent members of everyone’s favourite prog-kings The Ocean — their most recent release Commuters has seen more than a few plays on my iPod over the last few months and, if you’re a fan of mathcore that isn’t afraid to get experimental, could easily find a place in your listening schedule.

In support of the album, the band have released another play-through video, this time of the six-minute ‘Minkowski Manhattan Distance‘ (a reference to Taxicab geometry, for all two of you interested) that features none other than Keija Niinima of grind legends Rotten Sound on vocals. Barring a surprise appearance from drummer Luc Hess’ butt, it’s mostly a chance to see how ridiculously tight this act is with a sound that ranges from ruthless d-beats and off-kilter twists to the doom-infused apocalyptic dirge that occurs mid-way through. Check it out below:


Commuters is out now and available through a series of record label collaborations including Pelagial Records and Hummus Records.

– DL


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