iwrestledabearonce - Late For Nothing

iwrestledabearonce are known for being somewhat weird with their avant garde influence. The group always manages to throw curveballs to listeners, whether it be a bluegrassy breakdown or a surf-rock segue. However, one of the most surprising things the band has managed to accomplish thus far is getting a guest solo from guitar shred legend Steve Vai.

The group’s new song ‘Carnage Asada’ is mostly your standard iwabo avant-grind metalcore fare, but it’s fair to assume the group must have tailored this song’s solo section specifically for a Vai guest spot, because it totally works. The song is available for streaming at Guitar World, so hop on over and give the collaboration a listen at around 53 seconds in.

iwabo’s Late For Nothing is due out August 6th on Century Media Records. Pre-orders are now available at this location.

– JR

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