It’s hard to not love Torche — a band that loves heavy riffing as much as they do sugary-sweet choruses. But what the hell are they doing lately?

What I mean is, it seems like every ten seconds they have a new track available to listen for some release that isn’t quite out yet. We had the Harmonslaught late last year following the release of the brilliant full-length Harmonicraft and then just the other week there was another new track that I just can’t seem to find anymore. Now, we have another, in the form of ‘Leather Feather‘ from an upcoming single, acting as a part of Volcom’s single series, which I knew absolutely nothing about. You only have to look at some of the bands involved to see it’s no joke — there’s Ancestors, Harvey Milk, Cerebral Ballzy, Graveyard, Valient Thorr, The Sword, High On Fire…


Leather Feather‘ is the sort of dreamy and yet still heavy, slower number that made up a large chunk of the most infectious moments of Harmonicraft. The riffs are thick like treacle and the vocals glide over the top of them, in a glorious reminder that there’s only one Torche.

Also, I just realised, that weird flower on the hummingbird’s crotch HAS to be reference to the W.A.S.P Fuck Like A Beast artwork. That’s amazing.

– DL


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