Three truly great bands in here, if you ever listen to me, do it now.

Dysmorphic curate some truly crushing tech-death with ‘A Notion Of Casuality


Unique Leader do not fuck about. Dysmorphic are one of their latest signings and you can easily see why the label snapped them up, this French lot pedal some completely ripping death metal in the same vein as Obscura or Decrepit Birth. ‘A Notion Of Casuality‘ is taken from the album of the same name, set for release on September 2nd, and essentially gives us a lyric video interspersed with live footage of the band. If you need a wake-up call today, let it be this.

Phantom Glue introduce us to ‘Captain Keith Pierce

phantom glue a war of light cones

Phantom Glue‘s name might be a bit of a head-scratcher but their music is a lot more head-banging. Taking elements of sludge and noise rock, they create tunes that are carried by gargantuan riffage and scuzzy vocals that are infectious in their intensity and ‘Captain Keith Pierce‘ is a perfect example of that. The subject matter and odd title are explained by the band as:

“It’s from the perspective of a character landing in America in Colonial times. It’s about a legend that anything buried in the soil will evenually come back in another form. Cryptids turning into Sasquatch, for example. Essentially anything buried is a seed – ‘to be buried is to be born’…”

You can check the track out here, at Invisible Oranges, ahead of the album’s July 16th release date through Black Market Activities. Naturally, I would highly recommend it.


Hawk Eyes stream their latest EP, That’s What This Is

hawk eyes thats what this is

If, on the other hand, you like your music more rocking, then Hawk Eyes are the band you want in your life. Not content to just make immediate and swaggering rock tracks, the band also have a habit of showing off their musical chops in the form of winding and twisting sections that refuse to sit still. That’s What This Is is the band’s latest effort, following IDEAS (an album that made my year-end list last year), and consists of four driving tracks that embody exactly what Hawk Eyes are all about. The EP gets it’s release today through New Damage Records, who are turning out to be an organisation to keep an eye on, so put it on and turn it up to eleven.

– DL

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