misery signals 2013

I’m not entirely familiar with Misery Signals. However, following their recent return to the limelight with a well-received crowd-funding campaign and then the subsequent signing with Basick Records in the EU and New Damage Records in the US, it’s probably quite obvious that I should be paying attention to them.

Luminary‘ is taken from the band’s upcoming album Absent Lightmarking their first release in nearly 5 years. And for those of you with a taste for groovy, heavy metalcore, it will easily scratch any itch you have. The track went up yesterday in a multitude of places including MetalSucks, RockSound and Exclaim!, and thus can be heard in a variety of formats including the YouTube video below:


[Via RockSound].

Metalcore is not my normal stomping ground, but there’s enough massive riffs and interesting motifs here to keep me more than entertained. And that breakdown at roughly the two and a half minute… Damn, it was short but the production makes it sound absolutely gargantuan. So ready yourselves, Absent Light will drop on the 22nd of July, which is really not that long away.

– DL


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