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Crowdfunding is the new ‘lyric video’, ladies and gentlemen!

It’s definitely had a huge impact on the metal scene already, with various bands of varying degrees of success testing the waters with mostly positive results. Now Townsend has revealed through a series of tweets that he is looking into the possibility of crowdfunding either the Casualties Of Cool project or the sequel to his highly acclaimed Ziltoid The Omniscient album. The tweets read as:

Operation: ‘Confuse Management’ A resounding success!

Okay, question time guys: I have been considering doing a Pledge drive and I’d love your input… I have 2 projects currently.

I’m weirded out by Pledge drives because I think it can be viewed as sucking your audience for money, however both projects are self funded.

Casualties is the closest to my heart of stuff I’ve done since Ki, but may ostracize those who are new to what I do…

If it’s not funded properly, (as an independent release) it will get buried. It needs marketing funds and video etc to complete itself

But Ziltoid and all its satellite projects is a much more engaging project for the casual ‘fan’ and makes sense to have fun with that pledge

Management thinks I should Pledge Casualties but I’m not sure it’s the right move, you know? I don’t want to do two…It’s cheesy I think.

Please help me make my mind u!, Obviously each has special perks and really cool incentives, but frankly…I’m confused. -Devin

Man…you guys say such nice things. Thank you so much for being involved. Let me discuss this with everyone. We’ll make it fun… =)

Heading to the airport, will read all these there. Thanks for the advice and good thoughts guys!

Important things to note, include the fact that only one of the projects would probably be funded in this way and that the money would be used for more ‘marketing’ purposes than the recording itself. It presents an interesting situation for sure, I definitely wouldn’t be averse to either project being funded in this way, but I have to be honest and say I’d love to see what Devin could do with a bigger budget behind Ziltoid — the scope of that project is only really limited by how much money you can put into it!

Be sure to hit up Townsend on Twatter with some nice words and let him know what you think! And send love from Heavy Blog!

– DL


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